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Are you a small business looking to elevate the energy of your business culture, inspire leadership and create a more collaborative, kinder and innovative environment? Perhaps you’re ready to transform your business into a conscious company or you are an individual seeking to live a more intentional life.  I invite you to join me one-on-one or in a group setting to experience a big, bold and beautiful approach that will leave you uplifted and inspired to live the life you desire.


With more than 20 years of experience as a writer, producer and content creator for some of the world’s top film studios, television and digital networks, I followed my intuition and pivoted to launch my own media company, which now includes my work as an author, podcast host, blogger and producer of content that inspires conscious living. If you’re a company seeking to connect with your audience and elevate your brand identity contact me. I will deliver compelling content that will reflect the voice of your brand.


Join our community of amazing people from all over the world who are taking a real life approach to intentional living and transformation. From online workshops, co-working MeetUps to carefully curated, culture packed destination retreats. I have designed the perfect program for you to transform your life.


  • Speaking (click to page)
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Press Trip
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Photography Assignment
  • Freelance Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Hotel Review
  • Social Media Management/Takeover
  • Wellness or Travel Product Review
  • Wellness Lifestyle or Travel Blog Consulting



I am honored to have the blessing to work one-on-one with of amazing individuals from around the world as they reach their limitless potential. My intentions are pure as I expand my heart to you and guide you in the rediscovery of your divine purpose. You are already a whole, perfect and complete being. So, I will not coach you. My process is more of the unlearning of what has conditioned you to believe things that have held you back. I like to call it uncoaching. I will uncoach you, unteach you and uncondition you so that you can tap into the infinite beauty and intelligence that is already within you.

You will experience training that is very different from most traditional coaching programs. Since many programs often focus on surface issues and quick-fix solutions many people don’t get to the core of their work. We get there by doing the work and diving deep in the realms of the subconscious mind. We must relearn many things that we’ve been taught. I will help you transform your being from the “Inside-Out” rather than “Outside In” and together we will peel away the layers that prevent your full self-expression. You will break through the fears and out of limitations that hold you back. You will be totally inspired to love yourself more fully, which will catapult you into living your true life’s purpose.

Our work together will guide you to reconnect with source energy, elevate your energetic vibration and manifest your dreams. You will learn to walk authentically in your truth and by doing so you will literally rise and shine, attracting your heart’s most deepest desires — be it healthy relationships, profound peace or overflowing abundance— you will create it. As you connect to who you really are, you access infinite source and the freedom of that is unshakable and unstoppable. It all begins with you.