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Let It Flow Education TM

Let It Flow Education is a new approach to personal development designed to help people all over the world learn how to use the power of intention and thoughts to change their lives. This online and live experience will teach you how to deliberately use your mind, thoughts, and emotions in a practical, step-by-step manner quickly and effectively.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Real Benefits

Dispel the myths and discover the scientifically proven benefits of Meditation, Mindfulness and learn how to change your life through this powerful practice.

Intuition & Intention


If you've been wanting more clarity or an "answer" in a particular area of your life, the Intuition intensive teaches you a powerful process to connect to your intuition and find direction for any life situation.

In The Flow with Shannon

SE Asia Edition

In this audio series, I share candidly about many of the hilarious, eye-opening, challenging, and awe-inspiring moments of my year long journey traveling the SE Asia, selling my possessions and leaving with only $700.00, a one way ticket, and an open heart. From dating abroad, surviving a deadly typhoon to Quantum Mechanics, I am going “all in.”