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After more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, as a television writer, producer and owner of my own production company, I left my career to live my dream of becoming a world traveler.

During my self-reflective journey I began healing from the stress of daily life, past trauma and heartbreak. In Bali, Indonesia I studied Reiki, the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. In India I studied meditation and Ayurveda and became a certified Yoga Instructor. I also became a certified diver and overcame my fear of the ocean. Traveling solo helped me to reconnect with my higher purpose. I discovered natural therapies, holistic treatments and activities based on the four pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, restorative beauty and relaxation). My time alone also gave me the space for much needed growth and I’m thrilled to share everything that I’ve learned. Hence, In The Flow Media was designed to give you the information, programs, and experiences you need to live a joyful life. I invite you to join our community to discover amazing new friendships, inspiration and support.

I created this space as a way to share wellness travel tips and inspirational stories along with the knowledge and wisdom of others who’ve taken the leap of faith to live on purpose. I take a real world approach on the journey to mind, body and soul wellbeing; I’ve done the “deep-dive” myself and it’s been life changing. I’m here to help guide you in your personal transformation and to help you shift your awareness to the “inside-out” rather than the “outside-in”. I tend to lean on validated tools, strategies and practices that have actualized benefits that will make a real difference in your life.

I’m all about building into the life you want in a more progressive, gentler way, that honors you, your responsibilities, resources and the constraints of life you’ve already created. I’m grateful that you’re here...Now the next step begins with you!


Shannon Amos

What’s In The Flow with Shannon Amos all about?



In·ten·tion - inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/ - noun
1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. 2. the healing process of a wound.

This all started with a dream to create a community of intentional humans who want to live well and travel often. A community of thinkers and doers willing to build and share what they know to educate, inspire and uplift others. When we make a positive change within ourselves, we create a ripple effect of energy that extends outward. That energy has the ability to create a powerful movement of flow to our families, communities and beyond. Together let’s turn a ripple into a wave!



At the center of the work I do is an “intentional community.” What’s that? Well, it’s a way of bringing a bunch of incredible people together from all over the world, around shared values, aspirations and a commitment, who aren’t just “talking the talk” but walking it by taking action...Together! What’s the purpose? Well, it’s the daily practice of mindfulness and positive actions that will help you to live a truly great life and make an impact in the world.

Building an inspiring community is everything! I’m beyond thrilled that our community is now thousands strong, global and growing. You will find motivated people from all over the world by simply connecting with our private Facebook Group , where you can introduce yourself and find others to share, inspire and support each other. Once you’re in our online community, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find others near you and, who are also a part of this incredible movement.


In addition to creating online and in-person opportunities to connect, I am working around the clock to keep our incredible community inspired and growing year-round by finding many of the greatest teachers in the world, sitting down with them to learn from their lives and work, and then sharing those conversations with you via my podcast.

I’m on a quest to find the best and brightest “embodied teachers.” You know, those luminous humans who have found a way to live their passion, overcome the odds or have gone through massive breakthroughs in their lives and have an incredible story to share. Then, I call them up or I travel the world to co-create in-depth, unscripted, often deeply-moving and fiercely wise conversations to be shared on my podcast and archives.



My mission is a longstanding commitment to featuring the stories and wisdom of women equally and frequently (if not more) as men and you’ll find my commitment to empowering community in the mix of guests and teachers that I share. In The Flow podcast airs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can listen on this website or subscribe in your favorite app. The conversations and ideas will be sure to leave you inspired.

Creating inspiring media and educating you is how we empower ourselves and our communities. I’ve created practical and powerful tools, programs and trainings to help you discover wellness travel and to live a more mindful, intentional, connected and vital life

I can’t say to much more than that right now. I am happy to share that I’ve got some amazing new insights, tools and solutions coming your way. So, be sure to stay tuned and please make sure you’re on my email list . You will not want to miss what’s about to go down!


Join me for one-on-one training, online workshops and carefully curated destination immersions that have been created to provide you with the tools and proven strategies that will fundamentally change your life internally and externally.

Next year I will be hosting my first destination immersion a 10-day deep-dive in Bali, Indonesia . I’m also creating and will be facilitating a suite of ground-breaking L.I.F.E.TM tools and programming designed to help you not only answer, but build your life around the biggest questions we ask ourselves, “what am I supposed to do with my life?”

I can’t say too much more than that right now. I’m happy to share that I’ve got some amazing new insights, tools and solutions coming your way. Be sure to stay tuned and please make sure you’re on my email list . You will not want to miss what’s about to go down!